Since 2011, William Eaton has been serving as the Editor of the Zeteo journal, which was founded by alumni and students of City University of New York Masters of Liberal Studies Program.

The objective of the journal is to serve as a bridge from the interdisciplinary reading and reflection of its writers to the real-world concerns of readers. The journal seeks a combination of solid interdisciplinary scholarship, independent thinking and good writing. We have a particular interest in essays that combine the personal, the political and the intellectual.

Increasingly Zeteo is based in two features: Zeteo is Reading and Zeteo is Looking and Listening, and we are always looking for contributions of this nature. The overarching goal of these pieces is to call attention to texts, sights, and sounds (and perhaps smells, tastes, etc.) that are deserving of greater attention. These worthy moments could be books, paintings, songs, or, say, an odd collection of litter on a street corner, a bird call, government documents, graffiti, the stitching of a dress, . . .

If interested, please e-mail zeteojournal AT gmail DOT com.