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Saying "various jobs," I give out the Rosetta stone of my entire life?


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Since The Chief Tweet's election, Eaton has been exploring possibilities for very short texts—a.k.a. poems. Some of these are quite direct and contemporary in style, but many have roots in traditional light verse. (And thus may add hints of absurdity to the otherwise too disturbing?) To put this another way: at a friend's suggestion, Eaton began with a limerick, wrote one a day for 155 days, and then has moved on to slightly longer poems.

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Essays for Surviving survivors!

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“That we are animals, that is as sure as ever. How savagely we behave toward one another and toward other species and inorganic others. How we rub affectionately up against one another and—however desperately—make love.”

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Includes drawings by the author.

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William Eaton has been accused of trying to revive old forms: the intellectual essay, philosophical dialogue (and now light verse as well?).

Praised as a "joyful skeptic" (UTNE Reader) and for combining “the compelling truth of documentary with the grace of romantic fiction” (Manuel Puig). And from readers: “Beautiful writing . . . there is an electricity.” “Rewarding!" "Quite amazing.” “Very smart, very articulate, very warm.”

Eaton has been an award-winning journalist, poet, novelist, writer of erotic fiction, intellectual essays and dialogues. The Professor of Ignorance Condemns the Airplane, a dialogue, was staged in New York.

Editor of the Zeteo interdisciplinary journal. Holds graduate degrees from Columbia and the City University of New York, and a B.A. from the University of California at Berkeley.

Some samples of William’s work may be found via the links on this website, as well as at Zeteo and at Those interested in reading more or in discussing any of the subjects raised by these texts are encouraged to e-mail William at eaton0824 AT gmail DOT com.